Included :

  • ARRI M90 HMI Head
  • ARRI Head to Ballast Cable for Daylight 6000, Arrisun 60, Arri-X 60 and Compact HMI 6000 - 50'
  • ARRI EB MAX 6/9 Ballast
  • ARRI 4-Leaf Barndoor Set for M90 Lamp Head

Description :

  • 1 x M90 HMI Head, 15 to 49° Focusing
  • 4-Way Barndoors
  • 1 x Head Cable: 50'
  • EB MAX 6/9 Ballast

BSM Entertaiment has put together this ARRI M90 HMI Head Kit with Ballast to meet the requirements of productions that need a great deal of light to punch through silks or bounce off reflective surfaces, backed by lens-less 15 to 49-degree beam variability. The kit includes the M90 HMI head, able to maximize the use of a separately purchased HMI, daylight-balanced lamp. A set of 4-way barndoors is also included as is a 50' head-to-ballast cable. The head is powered by the EB MAX 6/9 ballast with onboard DMX and selected lamp frequency. High-speed shooters will appreciate features such as Active Line Filter (ALF) and AutoScan, ensuring optimum light and image quality for high-speed recordings up to 1000 fps.

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ARRI M90 9K HMI High-Speed Kit

  • Brand: ARRI
  • Product Code: ARRI M90 9K HMI High-Speed Kit
  • Availability: 1
  • Rp. 2,800,000/Day

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