Included :

  • Godox Scrim Flag Kit 
  • 5 x Foldable Screen Frame
  • Solid Black Fabric
  • Black Net Single Screen
  • Black Net Double Screen
  • 1-Stop Silk Screen
  • 2-Stop Silk Screen
  • Solid Black Dot
  • Solid Black Finger
  • Black Net Finger
  • Carry Case

Description :

  • 5 x Collapsible Flag Frames
  • 1- and 2-Stop Silk Screens
  • 1- and 2-Stop Black Net Screens
  • Solid Black Screen, 2 x Fingers: 4 x 14"
  • 2 x Dots: 6" Diameter

The 24 x 36" Scrim Flag Kit from Godox is a comprehensive set of light-shaping tools to contour and control the light falling on your subject. The kit includes five foldable frames and five fabrics. The frames are open-ended to thwart distracting shadows.

The kit also provides 1- and 2-stop silk screens for subtle diffusion, and 1- and 2-stop black nets to reduce light intensity and add a slight bit of contrast. Godox additionally provides a solid black fabric to be used to block or "flag off" unwanted light from the shot. Ideal for tabletop work or small objects, the kit also contains a 6" diameter solid black and a black net dot, as well as a 4 x 14" solid black and a black net finger. It all fits in a cleverly designed carry case that reveals the screen's color code for easy selection.

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Godox SF6090 Scrim Flag Kit (60x90cm)

  • Brand: Godox
  • Product Code: Godox
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  • Rp. 100,000/Day

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